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“Let’s Talk about Omweso” by Dr. Rose Namubiru Kirumira

August 5, 2016


A talk on 11th August 2016, from 3.00 – 5.00 pm

Official Exhibition Opening on 18th August 2016 5.00 pm



 ‘Omweso’ is a board game played in many rural and semi-urban communities of Uganda. The talk “Let’s Talk about Omweso will aim to raise interest, questions and collate literature in order to add more knowledge about Omweso. It is evident in some-publications, that it is a universal game whose structure and rules change with each culture. The interest is in discussing histories of ‘Omweso’ as an artifact in the category of progressive material culture, related restrictions and taboos, construction and recollection as a learning tool. The“Let’s Talk about Omweso talk and subsequent Exhibition sets out to conceptualize and showcase visual representations based on the different aspects of the ‘omweso’ board game, the object, its socio-cultural implications and related conversations specifically within a socio-cultural and technological history perspective. The Exhibition is conscious of the mathematical principles of strategy and counter strategy, the social-cultural memories and competitive rules of engagement in this game. The Exhibition will also showcase four guest artists Sheila Nakitende, Tadeo Kasirisimbi, Allen Nabukenya and Joan Nakigudde.


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