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COMING UP! Friday 17th November, 2017 at 4PM: FASHION PARADE

November 6, 2017

”Beyond Fashion”

The fashion industry is increasingly becoming an important feature of Uganda’s’ social and political fabric legislation on dress code especially for civil servants has in the recent past become a topical issue. As a segment of cultural industry, fashion has moved from periphery to the center.

Fashion is more than promoting smartness and a positive image of ones self; fashion is at the forefront of enabling society get a deeper awareness of it self and its role in contributing to national development and identity.

In 1995, MTSIFA realized the importance of fashion. This led to its introduction in the curriculum. We are indeed taking fashion seriously as a medium that not only contributes to new knowledge but also help to raise the profile of Makerere University as an academic institution and also Uganda’s’ image internationally solid  as a country respectful of its tradition inherited from the past, within a context of modern developments. Motifs from social life, culture, wild life etc form a solid base for fashion innovations at MTSIFA.

One of the key elements in the course of training fashion designers at MTSIFA is to show case fashion innovations through fashion shows. A course of fashion design would be incomplete without the inclusion of a fashion show.


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