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July 10, 2017


Konrad Adenauer, first President of post-second World War Germany famously said that we all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizons. When it comes to vision, our perspectives can be as diverse as our fingerprints. However, in art, we can easily contend that we share a common horizon and speak the same language, albeit with different accents.“Common Horizons” is the theme of the group art exhibition consisting of four artists of different persuasions. Their experience in the field ranges from three to fifteen years between them, meaning their aesthetic appeal could be defined as well as separated by this age gap. This notwithstanding, the subjectivity latent in art may not necessarily draw bold lines between their works, as the show will prove it, which puts art, unlike other professionals, on a level plain for all.  The young artists seek to demonstrate that in art, a common horizon is possible.

The Exhibiting Artists:


Roshani is a Uganda-Indian artist who has been actively practicing painting since 2014 when she graduated with a diploma in Industrial Art and Design from the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Kampala Uganda, specializing in painting and textile design. She is likely more inclined to her Ugandan roots, having been born and bred in the Ugandan traditions and yet she seems not lost on her Indian ancestry. This duo-ethnicity has caught her in a delicate balancing act between two different artistic accents which she is trying to apply herself to nearly in equal measure and her themes and technical approaches can attest to an attempt at appeasing her double identity through her art. `


Sendagire is a print-maker who has been active for the past decade and a half, working with the technique of dark to light, with some intermediary tones.He likes to talk that much and whenever in a group of people, Sendagire usually stands out because he wants to be heard. As if that is not enough, even while in his quiet studio with no one present he will stop at nothing to continue telling his fictitious stories using images. He says he is largely inspired by social commentary, portraying the mundane happenings around him but always with a comic tweak to it. He never tells things as they are. He will try to look at the angle that the rest of us are unable to see.


With only about half a decade in practice, Weazher is fast gaining awareness of his artistic sensibilities like an adolescent discovering his numerous sensual changes. However, unlike the adolescent that may feel rather confused and lost in the new bodily transformations, Weazher is firmly getting to grips with his new bearings and using this heightened consciousness to carve out his niche and destiny of choice. Weazher has, in the recent past, already been exhibited in several galleries in Europe and now Uganda and he is fast rising in academia as a tutor at Kyambogo University and Masters student at the Akershus University College of Applied Arts in Oslo, Norway.


Tindi has been a practicing painter in Uganda for the last several years, occasionally punctuating it with sculpture wrought in recycled materials. He likes to refer to his works as illustrations of his dreams on canvas. His overarching themes concern hope and beauty using acrylic. It is wrought with forms that are common in the natural world, such as humans, animals, laced with cultural beliefs and the relationship between man and nature. His rendering has a tendency towards Expressionism and Cubism. He currently works with bitenge cut-off fused with paint as collages on canvas. Tindi belongs to Angavu Art Studio, a collective located in Bukoto, Kampala.



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