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June 5, 2017


Makerere Art Gallery—Institute of Heritage Conservation and Restoration (IHCR) is a home to a rich collection of historical art works which date as far back as 1950s. The collection has progressively grown to over 6000 artworks, acquired from both students and staff of the Makerere School of Industrial and Fine Arts. The art works reveal to us aspects of our political, cultural and social history conceived in a range of materials and processes.  Given that Makerere was a regional university attracting students from East Africa and beyond, the Makerere Gallery collection is of more than local significance.

In order to promote interest in the Gallery and its activities, the Gallery management has come up with a new idea which we have termed, Object of the Month. In the Object of the Month, an art work is identified, extensively researched, written about and presented to the public.  In this documentation, the origin of the art work and its life in the collection will be established, the artist who made it will be identified and interviewed  (if still alive), icon-lab sessions will be held relevant scholars and the public will be invited to review and generate information about the art work which will be compiled and later published.


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