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FACESUP ART EXHIBITION – 20TH-28TH October 2016. 4PM at Makerere Art Gallery

October 4, 2016




Influence is a controversial word in itself. The artist, Kalule Emmanuel, came to realize that many people in this world live their lives with inspiration basing from others that is to say role models. And these people have so much they contribute to the lives of the people who look up to them.

Considering the fact that many youths draw inspiration from persons they are attracted to and think they rhyme with in terms of character and status, He came up with an art campaign called facesup which intends to inspire the people in our country through the sharing of knowledge from the icons who are ranked high in Uganda and therefore their lives and experiences can be a source of inspiration for others.

This project is intended to create a platform for youths to interact with people they admire and feel are influential. Secondly, We will be able to express art skills and share with the community such that some of the issues our country is facing which include loss of hope among the youths, unemployment and crime prevention and above all drug abuse are solved.

Art can be used to solve world issues and problems, therefore with facesup, We have come to give another view about the potentials that some people have which they can exploit so that they can earn a living, get self-employed and learn from role models.

In Uganda, the rate of unemployment is high and this is especially more witnessed with both the educated and uneducated youths who account for the biggest percentage of the country`s population. The success of everything is constrained by our vision and the traits of the people we emulate the youths in our country have potential that needs to be exploited.

This is why faces up was born with an aim to use the experiences and knowledge of some of the great people, who have succeeded in life so that they can share, guide and interest the societies to embark on their unexploited talents and potentials.

The reason as to why the artist considered using portraits of icons in our country is the fact that so many people are being influenced by their lives. This has had an impact on life style, fashion and approach to life which is even more relevant for facesup to be embraced.

In an attempt to unlock hindrances to a better life which is subjective, facesup has come to inspire, motivate and change the peoples’ views towards their abilities.

We believe each person has a purpose and objective to serve in a community.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 20th for the official opening as we meet the people we look up to.


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