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Different But One 20

February 11, 2016

The exhibition opening will take place on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at 6PM.

Read the message from Rebeka Uriel, the curator of the exhibition below:

“It has been 20 years since a number of faculty members and I sat on the staircase in front of the gallery and brought up the idea of having a joint group exhibition. The idea struck me after noting the great potential of the gallery. The skeptics argued that artists are individualistic and will not join in on a group project. Others gave it a chance. At that meeting, we also chose the name – different but one – to express the notion that even though artists are different, the forms of art are different, and each work is unique and different – we are one. I knew we could pull this together after realizing what a fantastic group of people was involved. All that was needed for it to become a reality was that someone raises the idea. Here I came in, and jointly with the Dean, Prof. Philip Kwesiga (who was in his first year in office following Prof. P N Sengendo [RIP]), we took on the project. The road was not easy. Recruiting the artists, collecting and selecting the works, setting a date, designing the invitation, organising the opening ceremony, and all other preparations involved in a large group exhibition – all were challenges that we faced and had to overcome. And yet, we managed, and thanks to the devotion of all involved, for the past two decades “Different but One” is growing and developing, generating a respected legacy. This year, our 20th, we celebrate two decades of togetherness, determination, and commitment to a common goal. Our joint forces created a wholeness that is imaginative and inspiring”


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