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News October 2015

October 5, 2015

We are pleased to announce the opening of African Journey, an exhibition by Sanaa Gateja, on Thursday, October 8th at 5:00pm.

Born in Kisoro district, 65 year old Gateja is a Ugandan artist whose practise focuses on creating environmentally conscious art, re-using found objects that many people would unthinkingly disregard as garbage. He also has a passion for using indigenous materials such as backcloth in his work.

This new show will take the audience on a journey exploring his artistic development through life, and also challenging his viewers to reconsider what they regard as having value. In his words: “Most of the new works will be showing how an artist brings forth what is discarded by our own society and creates from it. I want to create a thirst for loving and working in Africa. Stop the lure that condemns Africans once again to the bottom of the global economical pile – HOME (Kwetu) IS BEST.”

The exhibition will comprise wall hangings, sculptures and wearable art made out of bark cloth and paper beads. The opening will be accompanied by a musical performance by Murimu Mugani Martin, and a brief show of Gateja’s costumes presented by MTSIFA students.

sanaa poster final-page-001

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