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Ebishushani II and III

May 5, 2015

Exhibition and Book Launch of Ebishushani II and III:
People, Poses, Places – Musa Katuramu
All the Tricks – Elly Rwakoma
Makerere Art Gallery/IHCR
14 May to 6 June 2015

This edition of History In Progress Uganda presents two Ugandan photographers: Musa Katuramu and Elly Rwakoma. Musa Katuramu (1913 – 1986) made portraits of the people around him in their environment in his home region of Western Uganda. He was a teacher and a carpenter who took photographs on the side. His active period was between the 1930s up until he couldn’t ride his bicycle anymore. Elly Rwakoma was born in 1937 and baptised in 1939. He was a presidential photographer (from the early 1960s to mid 1980s), photojournalist, and ran a photo studio in Jinja. He trained as a teacher and a social worker.

The books People, Poses, Places – Musa Katuramu and All the Tricks – Elly Rwakoma are the second and third part of the book series called Ebifananyi/ Ebishushani published by History In Progress Uganda. Both words are equivalents of the English word ‘images’ in Luganda and Runyankole respectively. Each book of this series is focusing on one specific photo collection and/or photographer in Uganda.

The publications Ebishushani II and III and an exclusive selection of photos will be for sale.

Ebishusani 2 and 3_A3_LR

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