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Beautiful Imperfections – Sculpture Exhibition

April 22, 2015


Beautiful Imperfections

An exhibition of sculptures by Ivan Allan Bwambale, Emmanuel Lwanga and Patrick Mulondo

The young and upcoming sculptors Mulondo, Lwanga and Bwambale, graduates from Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts, have teamed up for an exhibition of their latest works.

The artists decided to come up with this theme because it synchronizes the different topics explored in their individual art woks into one.
The art works are assemblages from various scrap metal pieces, forged metal and assembled slab technology; where each artist recycles, transforms and redefines the once rejected objects into beautifully thought through artworks that become a dialogue between the artist and his environment.
Through the artworks, the artists are tracing historical and contemporary life in Uganda and Kampala particularly. The exhibition highlights that even with the numerous up-hazards and vices in society today, hope is not lost in their interpretations of socio-economic and cultural events. With their exhibition “Beautiful Imperfections” the artists invite the viewers to question and reflect on the subject of what is perfect and what is not.

The show will be open to the public as of Thursday, 23rd of April 2015. The artists will be present.

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