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Travelling Testimonies – An exhibition about war, peace and reconciliation.

June 18, 2014

Kasese, Expo

The war-affected people of Uganda continue to yearn for memorialization. Research conducted amongst war-affected communities in 2007 revealed that at least 95 percent of the respondents wanted the establishment of memorials as a way to remember what happened. Furthermore, 93 percent of the war-affected population believed that future generations should know the truth about their experiences. Despite this reality, most of the documentation done in war-affected communities is academic or for development purposes. There are very few cultural representations of conflict in Uganda and the ones that do exist are confined to the LRA vs. UPDF conflict. We are now at a juncture where the efforts to memorialize the LRA conflict can serve as a template to encourage underrepresented voices to emerge that relate to other conflicts experienced within the nation.

Refugee Law Project has been supported by the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development to engage with war-affected people to participate in the memorialization process. Driven by RLP’s Kitgum-based National Memory and Peace Documentation Centre, a touring exhibition called Travelling Testimonies has visited Kasese, Arua and Luwero and is now coming to Kampala, where it will be displayed at the Makerere Art Gallery.

In each site, RLP scanned archives and photographs, documented more than 30 hours of video testimonials, created artworks and scripted a national narrative on war and peace, based around the voices of those who experienced it directly.

The exhibition that will be displayed at Makerere Art Gallery from the 20 June to the 26 July is a compilation of those materials. Through them the visitor will see a dynamic perspective on Uganda’s conflict history.

The official opening of the exhibition will take place at 7:30 PM on Thursday 19th June at the Makerere Art Gallery.

To find out more about the exhibition read ‘Travelling Testimonies’ – Uganda’s First Mobile Exhibition to Document Conflicts Other Than the LRA War by Amy Fallon:

For further information, contact REFUGEE LAW PROJECT, “A Centre for Justice & Forced Migrants”, SCHOOL OF LAW, MAKERERE UNIVERSITY, Conflict, Transitional Justice & Governance (CTJ&G) on:

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