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Amanda Tumusiime – Artist Portrait

February 8, 2014

SONY DSCAn artist portrait of Amanda Tumusiime on the occasion of her exhibition Shattered Glass Ceiling at Makerere Art Gallery/IHCR in January 2014. Tumusiime taking emancipation to the canvas by St ephen Ssenkaaba, New Vision, 24 January, 2014

  1. Dixon Mutebi Katula permalink

    Madam Amanda
    That’s how we refered to You in the Anatomy Class,i would like to take this Opportunity to congratulate you upon all these achievements in the Art World.I have not actively been involved
    In Art myself for quite some time for reasons beyond my Control.When i visited your Sites,i realised how much I’ve been left behind in as far as Art is Concerned.
    So much has happened since then,but am Praying and Hoping i get to my feet soon.
    God bless You and your Family.

  2. Achieng Mary Getrude permalink

    An abstract piece of art whose anatomy is not well sutudied,there is good proportion and contrast in the work of art.There are no draperies shown in the clothes,and four girls being the focal point.The work of art may also communicate that the girl child has a right to education.

  3. sin upon Seth benjamin permalink

    first of all I want to thank tumusime aamanda for the great art work done .the painting is. really great work from a great artist.the above painting has really showed progress in portraing women’s emancipation.the art work shows the girl child going to school or in an education setting.this great piece of work can convince the viewer that its a great piece of work that shows the growth and development of women the colours are hamonious and attracttive, baring in mind the fact that they are cool colours dominating.I conclude by saying Tumusime amanda’s work is great work and promotes women’s emancipation.thank you.

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