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‘Art at Work’ – Conference on Art and Architecture

December 14, 2012

‘How art and architecture can make city development inclusive and sustainable’
was the title of a conference held on September 18, 2012, in the context of Visionary Africa – Art at Work in Kampala.

As Uganda gears itself for significant future growth in the next decade, the city of Kampala assesses the ensuing economic, social and cultural changes within the city. To discuss the challenges and choices Kampala and East African Capitals face, an unprecedented inclusive debate was organized among city stakeholders of the region together with international experts, on the city’s urban development and the role of art and architecture in it.

The morning session addressed the role and responsibilities of authorities, urban planners, architects, and arts managers in the development of a strategic vision for their city and in the planning process; and action and tools at their disposal to guarantee a sustainable and inclusive development of African cities.
The afternoon session addressed initiatives needed so that authorities, urban planners, architects and arts managers can have a decisive role in the sustainable and inclusive development of their city.

Read a report about the meeting in Start Journal, Issue 025, Oct. 2012:
Visionary Africa: “Glass Boxes are a disaster” by Moses Serubiri

Serubiri Moses has been published in The New Vision reviewing live music. As a poet, he is featured on the pan African website, Badilisha Poetry Exchange.

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