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Applied theories – About the exhibition

November 7, 2011

The video piece shown in this exhibition was filmed in Kenya in 2009, it was produced with the support and funding from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Sweden. It is part of the research project You Look Like Milk which was a collaboration between ZBR from Sweden and ffNrb (film front Nairobi) from Kenya. The project investigates how you can use filmmaking as a tool to study another culture. Within the project’s framework ffNrb’s Kenyan film ‘That’s my phone’ was made Sweden in 2009.

The video plays in a future Kenya describing the way of living of a new tribe who has chosen to live according to their own, made up system. In this society, oil is no longer available and China, which has had a leading role in the last 100 years of Kenya’s economic development, has now left the scene. The community rose from the remains of a research collaboration between China and Kenya, which also ended when the world reached Peak Oil.
Their system of belief is based on how radio signals are generated by changes in the magnetic field of The Earth’s atmosphere. These radio signals are recorded at specific places where they are strong. A special decoder transforms the sound into instructions for rituals. The recordings are transcribed into drawings and instructions for the tribe’s rituals. In the rituals, the tribe tune in and sharpen their senses. They perform some of the rituals in public spaces. This is essential for them to function in the world they are living in. They believe they become resilient towards having their minds, lives and dreams affected by forces of society.

Applied Theories of Expanding Minds

Directors, editing, script, camera: Lena Bergendahl, Jennifer Rainsford, Rut Karin Zettergren

Country of Production:  Sweden, Kenya

Production in Kenya: In collaboration with film front Nairobi: Edvine Maloba, Joseph Kingoo Mbuti, Francis Ngira Okello

Production assistants: Henry Harry Potter Otieno, Stephen Wasike, Erick Sakwa, Omoti Lawrence, Geoffrey Okumu, Jeff Ngugi Muiruri

Cast: Hsing Fen TuÅlemark, Delphine Nimu, Mariam Khamis, Ken from Black Diamond, Elisha Kwingare, George Strong, Lucas Ouma Ontango, George Otieno, Ken Odero, Richard Otieno, Maureen Anyango, Irene Adhiambo, Phijuis Kangogo, Henry Harry Potter Otieno, Emma Akinyi, Paul Wanfulai Xiansheng, Jackson Njehia, Gertrude Karanya, Francis Ogola Junior, Henry Harry Potter Otieno

Thanks to: Maria Lanz, Kristina Abelli Elander, Jesper Nordahl, Johan Widen, Eberhard Höll, Ehis Ricky Idada, Royal Institute of Arts, Hellen Wanjiku, Max Ockborn, Scholastica Nduku Mbuti, Dale Carnegie- Kabeiza Casting and LocationsFrancis Gichohi Macharia, Ralph Wichmann, Emieanne Wakangi, Bena Oti, Robert Matumbai, Lawrence Omoti, Steve Tomusange.

Produced with support from: The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm.


ZBR is a production collective consisting of the three artists, Rut Karin Zettergren, Lena Bergendahl, and Jennifer Rainsford. It was founded in 2008 in Stockholm.

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